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CT Accountancy Services specialise in providing accountancy services, tax returns, payroll, bookkeeping, tax savings and tax advice to small businesses. There customers include; Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies and Personal Tax Payers. Clients are provided with a free initial consultation at a location of there choice, during which they will be given advice and be presented with a Quotation for all relevant services. Once this quotation is signed, the amount stated is what you will pay, there are no hidden charges!


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Here at CT Accountancy Services we have estimated that at least 80% of our business comes from being referred so we have decided to reward anyone who refers us by giving them 10% of any business they get us.

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Our Services

Year End Accounts

The year-end accounts provide invaluable information about your business. By using your bookkeeping records we are able to prepare your year end accounts which will form the basis of your Self Assessment tax return.


The UK has one of the largest tax codes in the world, so preparing even the most straightforward tax return can be complicated. There are various deadlines and responsibilities for taxpayers to be aware of.


All businesses are required to keep accurate records for both taxation and VAT purposes. Good bookkeeping practices also benefit the business by helping you manage and control your finances, plan for future growth and ensure that your accounts are completed more efficiently.


If you’re just starting out, we can help you decide whether you need to be VAT registered from the outset or not. And we will continue to monitor your situation, so that should it become obligatory for you to register for VAT, we can deal with all of the paperwork for you.


Meeting your obligations as an employer can be incredibly daunting especially with the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI). RTI means employers will now share information with HMRC on-or-before payments are made to employees. We can also set up an Employers’ Scheme with HMRC for you.


We use QuickBooks, the No1 online accounting software, to ensure our clients get the very best service. With its User Friendly interface, QuickBooks is the easiest way to view all of your business data in Real time.

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