Auto Enrolment

Automatic enrolment means most UK employers will be obliged to put in place a qualifying workplace pension scheme and automatically enrol their qualifying workers. Employers then have to make contributions to their workers’ pensions every pay period.
Auto Enrolment – in partnership with Smart Pension
Why Smart Pension?
  • For a fee comparison of Smart Pension vs NEST, NOW: Pensions, Creative Auto Enrolment & The People’s Pension please click here.
  • Smart Pension makes money by charging a small assets under management charge (0.75%) which in year one for the average employee salary is c £1.50. Unlike many other providers, we do not charge “transaction” fees or other hidden fees that can increase up the percentage cost to employees into the high teen percentages or above.
  • We additionally allow flexibility in set up (for example, employee groups (eg long serving employees vs newer joiners), early staging and / or contributions based on “unbanded earnings” for all or a subset of employees) and access to our API all for no charge.
  • Smart Pension has a long term view on the workplace pensions market. We are not interested in maximising short term fees from SMEs and their employees, unlike many of our competitors. We are interested in investing in the future development of UK workplace pensions market and helping grow it for a sustainable future.