Referral Partnership Scheme

Here at CT Accountancy Services we have estimated that at least 80% of our business comes from being referred by our clients or friends of the business so we have decided to reward anyone who refers us by giving them 10% of any business they get us.

How does it work?

First of all, you will need to sign up by contacting us via the contact form on the right or giving us a call on 01388435310.

Once we have the relevant details from you, we will provide you with your unique referral code (eg SMITJ05) and you need to provide this code to any client or friend or family member so when they come in to see us we know that it’s you who has referred them.

So, if you refer us to someone who signs up and we charge them a £1000 for the year, you’ll receive £100 in to your bank within 2 months of the client signing on the dotted line.

Why 2 months?

We have to make sure that the client is a serious business, because if the client was to fold after 1 month then its not worth our while and a referral fee would not be due. The last thing we want is to be requesting referral fee’s back from our referral partners.

Can I do leaflet drops?

Yes. We will even design your leaflets for you with your unique code on them and print you your first 100 for free.